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Important Bonus Terms and Conditions

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 10:12 am

Any terms and conditions are important no matter if it’s about casino bonuses or other non-gambling services that you purchase. The terms and conditions regulate how the service will be provided, what you will get with the service, and how you have to act while using the services or products i.e. the bonuses.

The majority of casino players suffer from the same “disorder”, skipping on the bonus terms and conditions. The result is opening disputes and complaining about a casino at gambling forums and warning other players not to join a particular casino when it was all the player’s fault.

When you want to play online pokies at Playtech real money casinos and signup here, be sure to read the terms and conditions from top to bottom without skipping a single line or rule. That way you can protect yourself from making a mistake when using a bonus, which usually is given for a list of real money pokies, and less often for table and card games.

When you intend to use a bonus to play games for which the bonus is not provided, you risk of being denied the bonus money and the winnings that you have generated. Furthermore, you risk of being banned from the casino, because casinos don’t care much for players that want to abuse their services even if your mistake was made inadvertently.


Sometimes the bonus is allowed for some table and card games and not just for slots. But, in such cases those games contribute a lot less towards the wagering requirement that you need to clear in order to withdraw the winnings that you made with the bonus. This can mean a lot of time wasted and even a bonus lost on games that weren’t worthwhile playing to begin with.

And with this we have come to a very important rule in the bonus terms and conditions, and that is the wagering requirement. You might want to reconsider accepting any bonus if the wagering requirement is too high. That would mean lots of time spent to clear the requirement and ultimately failing because it is impossible to clear it, which can also result in spending your deposit money too in order to clear unreal wagering requirement.

If the requirement is acceptable, and you’ve found out what games you can play with the bonus, you might want to check if the bonus is cashable too and whether there is a limit on how much you can withdraw from the money won using the bonus. Not only that, you may want to find out if the bonus will be tied to your deposit or whether both amounts will be kept separate.

Some bonuses are tied with your deposit in which case you have to spend the deposit too in order to clear the wagering requirement, and not just the bonus. These are the most important bonus terms and conditions that you need to find out, so never skip reading the rules before accepting a bonus.

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