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About Us

As a dedicated team of online casino players and gamblers, we at have spent many hours trawling the internet to find the best quality sites to play at.  Our aim has always been, and will continue to be, searching out those sites which are dependable, fair and true to their players.

We also aim to bring to our readers the very best in promotional offers, information about different types of bonuses available out there, and relevant information on software providers in the industry today.

There are many comparison sites to check, unfortunately for players, many of these sites are almost criminal, being poorly set-up and designed, with the information being out-of-date and, well, simply not relevant to the player.  We differ greatly from those sub-standard comparison sites, and we are proud of the work and thought that has gone into, you need only take a look at the casinos that we promote to see that we only choose the very best for our readers and for ourselves too!

What we Provide

All of the sites that we promote on are tried and tested by ourselves, we check many aspects of each casino and actually do play there!  We also look at the site in general, its up-keep and also its up-dating as there is nothing worse than checking out a news information page only to find it is three months or more old!  These simple guides allow us to calculate whether the site is being worked on a regular basis or has simply been shoved up there to earn its creators some cash as they sit sipping their coffee!

We also look at the software for a few reasons as this is what provides players with the quality of the games they choose to try.  Pages should load and open up simply and quickly, and there should also be a choice of Instant Play, and games available to mobile devices.  Today’s market is rapidly   expanding with regard to mobile play, as operators are realising that many out there wish to have the convenience to choose when and where to enjoy their favourite games.  This has led to many of the best quality sites providing just that type of choice and we will include the sites that do.

Aesthetics are also incredibly important when choosing a site, this may seem a little inconsequential, but believe us when we say there is nothing worse than playing on a site which grates at your nerves because of the nasty graphics it boasts.  The same can be said for audio and video clips which are used in many games today, sub-standard is not something that will put up with, and neither should you!

Another important feature of is that we are totally independent, we are not affiliated to any third party, which makes our reviews un-biased, yes you can link to the site that you have read about and might fancy take a look at, but the review that you have read is an honest one, and we hope that you also find it entertaining and informative too!

We also rank and award the casinos we have chosen to be on with a star value, this is a quick guide for our readers to see which we think at a particular time is providing the best for its players and can be affected by many things such as current bonuses and promotional offers, rewards and prizes and new games and jackpots on offer.  Because of this the rankings will go up and down and we aim to keep on top of all the latest news and offers, bring it to our readers as soon as possible.

Our Mission Statement

  • To bring to our readers independent, unbiased reviews
  • To regularity update those reviews with the latest in promotional offers and bonuses
  • To continue to trawl the internet adding new sites as we see fit
  • To rank and rate those sites which we include on
  • To continue to be active within the industry
  • To keep up-to-date with new releases in games, bonuses and software and to bring those new releases to our readers quickly
  • To provide, to the best of our ability an informative and entertaining site for our readers to use when choosing a new online casino to play at